About Africa Centre

Our Mission
Our goal is to increase social awareness and knowledge of Africa by providing information, materials and services to local and national schools, libraries, media and communities.

By providing comprehensive information, we hope to motivate individuals and organizations towards positive action and support of sustainable policies, as well as fostering an understanding and appreciation of a complex continent.

Who We Are
Our volunteers and sponsors bring individual talents and resources, as a vital resource for our organization. We are currently looking for more board members to represent higher education, K-12, performing arts, fundraising and more. Please contact us and join us!

The Africa Centre was created by Brian and Karen Cockburn (officially as the Foundation for African Resources). As a result of years of combined professional experience, they saw a critical need for increased social awareness and knowledge of Africa. In 2000 they formed the foundation, and donated their vast personal library of African books, journals, films and art. In the last three years the Resource Library has doubled in size though generous donations from libraries, individuals, artisans and publishers. The Centre has expanded its services to the community to include workshops, guest speaker placements and outreach services to local schools. In addition to the Centre’s own programs they have collaborated with a number of community organizations on cultural events

What We Do

Publish an Events Email Newsletter
Offer fiscal Sponsorship of select Projects
Loan out items from Resource Library
Develop and host custom tailored exhibits for schools and communities
Publish a directory of Colorado Africanist Resources

Featured Achievements

Children Soldiers Conference -2008, fiscal sponsorship
Alexander Dawson Exhibit
Africa in the Rockies April 5-6, 2003
Directory published initially and updated

We’ve Moved … Online!
In February 2008, we moved out of the office we had for the past several years at 1402 Arapahoe. In the process, we are moving to be more accessible online, and are available by appointment for Resource Library and consultation. Please contact us!

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