Children and Juvenile Literature

Country and Continent Studies

Countries of the World – Capstone Press
Kenya – Michael Dah
Ghana – Lucile Davis
South Africa – Michael Dah
Tanzania – Patricia Murphy
Egypt – Kathleen Deady
Somalia – Mike Graf
Ethiopia – Muriel DuBois
Nigeria – Kristin Thoennes
A Look At – Pebble Books / Capstone Press
Egypt – Helen frost
Kenya – Helen Frost
Kwanza – Lola Schaefer
Country Fact Files – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Southern Africa – Nick Middleton
West Africa –Tony Binns and Rob Bowden
East Africa Rob Bowden and Tony Binns
Families Around the World – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
A Family from South Africa – Jen GreenA Family from Ethiopia – Julia Waterlow
First Reports – Compass Books
South Africa – Lucia Raatma
Kenya – Lucia Raatma
Egypt – Shirley Gray
Welcome to Kenya- Compass Books
Steadwell Books World Tour – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
South Africa – Tony Leslie
Kenya – Patrick Daley
Nigeria – Patrick Daley
Nations of the World – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Kenya – Bridget Giles
South Africa – Jen Green
Changing Face of Series – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Kenya – Rob Bowden
Welcome to my Country- Gareth Stevens Publishing –
Nigeria – Ester Kerr and Yinka Ismai
Ethiopia – Neil Macknish and Elisabeth Berg
Kenya – Roseline Ngcheong-Lum and Victoria Derr
Countries of the World – Gareth Stevens Publishing
Ethiopia – Elisabeth Berg
Nigeria – Yinka Ismai
Kenya – Victoria Derr
South Africa – Mary-Ann Stotko
Countries and Cultures – – Bridgestone Press / Capstone
Kenya – Barbara Saffer
Faces and Places – Child’s World Inc.
Somalia – Elma Schemenauer
Morocco – Patrick Merrick
Kenya – Patrick Ryan
Ethiopia – Elma Schemenauer
Africa is Not a Country – Margy Burns Knight – Millbrook Press
Regional Studies Series : Africa- Louise Crane et all – Globe Fearon


Continents; Heinemann Fist Library
Africa – Leila Foster
Mapping Our World : Benchmark Press
Africa – Fran Sammis
Continents – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Africa – Colm Regan and Pedar Cremin
The Seven Continents – Twenty –First Century Books
Africa – April Pully Sayre
Our Amazing Continent – Millbrook Press
Good Morning Africa – Aril Pulley Sayre
Continents Close Up – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Africa – Malcolm Porter and Keith Lye
Continents – Bridgestone`Press/ Capstone
Africa – Mike graf

Cultures of Africa

The Heritage Library of African People – Rosen Publishing
San – Megan Biesele and Kxao Royal/O/oo
Ndebele – Elizabeth Ann Schneider
Kongo – Chika Okeke
Maasai – Tiyambe Zeleza
Songhay – Tunde Adeleke
Swazi – Benson Oluikpe
Celebrating the People and Civilizations of Africa – Powerkids Press
The Zulu of Southern Africa – Christine Cornel
The Yoraba of West Africa – Jamie Hetfield

Indigenous People of the World – Grolier Education
Omo People –
The Zulus: Facts Stories Activities – Robert Nicholson
A Zulu Family – Nancy Durrell McKenna
Festivals of the World – Gareth Stevens Publishing
Ethiopia – Elisabeth Berg
Nigeria – Elisabeth Berg
Madagascar – Royston Ellis and John Jones
South Africa – Jay Haele
Cultural Journeys – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Traditions From Africa – Vivian Golding
Cultural Atlas of Africa – Jocelyn Murry
African Village: Sticker Picture – A.G. Smith


Eyewitness Guides: Africa – Yvonne Ayo
Ancient West African Kingdoms: Ghana, Mali and Songhai – Mary Quigley
Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Timbuktu – Larry Brook
Ancient African Town Fiona McDonald
African Beginnings – James Haskins and Kathleen Benson
Growing Up in Ancient Egypt – Rosalie David
West African Kingdoms – Julie Nelson
Great African Kingdoms – Sean Sheehan
African Civilizations – Franklin Watt Press
The Empires of Ghana – Rebecca Greene
The Kongo Kingdom – Manuel Jordan
City States of the Swahili Coast – Thomas Wilson
The Empire of Mali – Carol Thompson
Egyptian Dynasties – Joyce Haynes
The Kingdom of Benin – Dominique Malaquais
Nubian Kingdoms – Edna Russmann
The Asante Kingdom – Carol Thompson
Great Zimbabwe – Mark Bessire
A Visual History of Africa – Ernest Loftus
Ancient Egypt – Cynthia Klingel and Robert Noyed
North Africa: Exploration of Africa The Emerging Nations
Myths of West Africa – Bridget Giles
Ancient Africa: Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times – Susan Altman and Susan lechner
Exploration of Africa: The story of the exploration of this fascinating and diverse continent –Colin Hynson
Kings and Queens of West Africa – Sylviane Anna Diouf
Kings and Queens of Central Africa – Sylviane Anna Diouf
Spirits and Sorcerers: Myths and Legends from Africa and Arabia – Stewart Ross
Africans in America 1619-1865 – Kay Melchisedech Olson
We Came to North America: the Africans


Multicultural Cookbooks – Capstone Press
Africa – Ann Burckhardt

Library of Multicultural Cooking – Powerkids Press
Food and Recipies of Africa – Theresa Beatty

Cooking the African Way – Constance Nabwire and Bertha Vining Montgomery
Cooking The East African Way – Bertha Vining Mongomery and Constance nabwire
Taste of West Africa – Colin Harris
Foods and Festival – Raintree Steck-Vaughn
Kenya – Wambui Kairi


Native Artists of Africa – Reavis Moore
African designs of Nigeria and The Cameroons – Caren Caraway
African Designs of The Congo – Caren Caraway
African Designs: British Museum Pattern Book – Rebecca Jewel
Ancient and Living Cultures- Stencils: West Africa Ghana
Ancient and Living Cultures- Stencils: North Africa Morocco
African Crafts for you to Make – Janet and Alex D’Amato
Traditional Crafts from Africa – Florence Temko
Africa South of the Sahara :Artisans Around the World – Susan Rich, Margot Volem and Cynthia Lack
Fine Arts and Crafts – Muriel Miller Branch
Crafts of the World – Powerkids Press
Ndebele Beedwork: African Artistry

Art – Activity Books

African Girl and Boy Paper Dolls – Yuko Green
African Animal in Origami – John Montrol
A Coloring Book of Ancient Africa –
A Coloring Book of Ancient Africa; The Art of Life
Wild Animal Paper Chains – Stewart and Sally Walton
Wild Animal Coloring Book – John Green
African Plains Coloring Book – Dianne Gaspas-Ett
Africa Activity Book; Art, Crafts, Historical Aids
African Animal: Reproducible Puppet Patterns
Wild Animal Stained Glass Coloring Book – John Green
Zoo Animals Coloring Book – Jan Sova


Exploring The – World Compass Books
Da Gama: Vasco da Gama sails Around the Cape of Good Hope – Robin Doak
At Her Majesty’s Request; An African Princess in Victorian England – Walter Dean Myers
Nzingha: warrier Queen of Matamba, Angola 1595 – Patricai McKissack
Modern African Political Leaders – Kent Rasmussen
Traveling Man: Journey of Ibn battuta 1325-1354 – James Rumford
Women Explorers in Africa – Christina Dodwell et al.
Peaceful Protest: the life of Nelson Mandela – Yona Zeldis McDonough
Uncommon Traveler: Mary Kingsley in Africa – Don Brown
Uncommon Traveler: Mary Kingsley in Africa – Don Brown

African Language

Colors of Ghana-Holly Littlefield
Colors of Kenya-Fan Sammis
Count Your Way Through Africa – Jim Haskins
Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book – Muriel Feelings
Mojo Means One: Swahili Counting Book – Muriel Feelings
Halala Means Welcome: A Book of Zulu Words- Ken Wilson Max


Jane Goodall Animal Series – Madison Marketing
Chimpanzee Family – Jane Goodal
Lion Family- Jane Goodal
Giraffe Family- Jane Goodal
Elephant Family- Jane Goodal
Hyena Family- Jane Goodal
Zebra Family- Jane Goodal
Wildebeest Family- Jane Goodal
Baboon Family- Jane Goodal
Animals You Have Never Even Heard Of – Patricia Curtis
Safari – Caren Barzeley Stelson
A Bushveld Safari – Nadine Clarke
Really Cool Wildlife Activity Book
On Safari – Tessa Pau
Gorillas; Gentle Giants of the Forest – Joyce Milton
Searchin’ Safari – Jeff O’Hare
This place is Wild: East Africa – Vicki Cobb
African Animals – Caroline Arnold
Wild Animals of Africa ABC – Hope Ryden
Alistair on Safari: Adventure at an African Game Researve – Laura Hurwitz

Story Books

Water for One, Water For everyone – Stephen R Swinburne
Missoso: Once upon a time tails from Africa – Verna Aardema
Rhinoceros Mother – Toshi Yoshisda
Gift of the Nile: An Egyptian legend – Jan Mike
African Animals ABC – Philippa-Alys Browne
Joshua’s Masai Mask – Dakari Hru
Talk Talk: An Ashante legend – Deborah Newton Chocolate
African Stories – Robert Hul
Saying Goodbye: A special farewell to mama Nkwelle – Ifeoma Onyefulu
Grandfather’s Work: A traditional healer in Nigeria – Ifeoma Onyefulu
The Coming of Night: A Yoruba tale from west Africa – Jenny Stow
My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken and Me – Margaret Courtney-Clark
African Journey – John Chiasson
I am not Afraid – Kenny Mann
Peaceful Protest: the life of Nelson Mandela – Yona Zeldis McDonough
Uncommon Traveler: Mary Kingsley in Africa – Don Brown
Kofi and His Magic – Maya Angelou
Only One Cowry : A Dahomean Tale – Phillis Gershator
Agassu: Legend of the Leopard Kin – Rick Dupre
Stories From West Africa – Robert Hul
Africa Calling: Nighttime falling – Daniel Adlerman
Is It Far To Zanzibar – Nikki Grimes
Africa is Not A Country – Margy Burns Knight
Vacation in the Village: A story from West Africa – Pierre Yves Njeng
Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa: and other talking drum rhymes – Uzo Unobagha
Ashante to Zulu: African Traditions – Margaret Musgrove
The Spirit of the Maasai Man – laura Berkeley
The Princess Who Lost Her Hair: an Akambe legend – Tololwa Molle
The Magic Drum: Stories from Africa’s Savannah, Sea and Skis
Lake of the Big Snake:An African Rain Forest Adventure – Isaac Olaleye


Children’s Stories From Africa Vols 1-4
Journey Back to africa centre The Great elephant Escape
Kids Explore Kenya
African Story Magic
Jirimpimbira: An African Folktale
Families of Ghan
Families of Egypt
Tau the Lion
African Slave Trade: Journey to the New World
Explorers of the World
Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Africa
Africa Close-Up : Egypt
Video Visits: Zimbabwe
Wonders of the African World
What do we Know about Africa
Doolittle Does Something


Art of Africa Knowledge Card
Africa Knowledge Card
Art and Life in Africa – CD
Encarta Africa – CD
Fonts of Africa

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