Volunteer and Aid

Address: 25958 Genesee Trail Rd PMB-234, Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 720-746-1792   Email: info@africaid.com
AfricAid is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000, which works to provide African girls with educational opportunities. AfricAid really began in 1996 with the dream of an eleven-year-old girl, Ashley Shuyler, who went on safari to Kenya and Tanzania. There, she witnessed real poverty for the first time. Ashley’s dream was to focus on a way to help those who might not otherwise be able to afford or even have access to educational opportunities. 
African AIDS Orphan Project
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
Contact: Carl Forsberg
Address: 3485 Stanford Court, Boulder, CO 80303
Tel: 303-494-1215   Fax: 303-554-1469   Email: bouldercarl@msn.com
Based in Tanzania, this African lead project deals with care, education and prevention issues for AIDS sufferers and/or AIDS orphans.  100% of funds go to Africa. No administrative, travel or other expenses will be deducted.  Volunteers are also needed for education and work trips for supported projects in the Tanzania area.Alliance for Youth Achievement
Address: 534 Commons Drive Suite 100, Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 303-526-5219   Fax: 303-526-2922   Email: info@allforyouth.org
Helping orphans and street children around the world by partnering with innovative organizations doing wonderful work caring for and educating the children.BCAP Embraces the World            Contact: Thomas M. Hopson
Address: 2118 14th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Tel: 303-492-3524   Email: Thomas.Hopson@colorado.edu
BCAP Embraces the World (BEW) is a group affiliated with the Boulder County Aids Project (BCAP).  It was founded in 2001 by board members of BCAP along with other professionals in Boulder County to increase local awareness of the global problems as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in order to obtain more support from the local community.  Typically, each of us involved with BEW is affiliated with some non-profit organization overseas that works with the AIDS plight.  We meet under the umbrella of BEW for mutual fundraising, educational outreach projects and general support.

Address: 1143 Portland Place, Suite 1, Boulder CO 80304 USA
Phone: 303-554-5901 – Ext 101 – Patty
Email: patty@beadforlife.org
BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.  The beads thus become income, food, medicine, school fees — and hope. It is a small miracle that enriches us all.  All profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that generate income and help people work their way out of poverty.

Center for African Affairs
Contact: Godwin Omane, Executive Director
Address: 526 Crossing Circle, Castle Rock, CO  80108
Tel: 303-790-0150   Fax: 303-790-0150   Email: Afroaffairs@aol.com
We are a non-profit organization for the welfare and improvement of children and women in Africa.

Colorado Friends of the Lost Boys of Sudan 
Contact: Jean Wood
Tel: 303-441-5658   Email: jeanwood@boulderco.com

The Lost Boys of Sudan were among nearly 16,000 boys (ages 5-11) forced to flee from their Southern Sudan Villages in 1987 when Islamic militants attacked their villages killing most all men, women, and girls.  The boys that survived have spent years in a refugee camp in Kenya.  In 2001 the US government helped to resettle approx. 3,600 in the US, nine of whom have landed in the Boulder area.

Colorado-Ghana Children’s Fund
Address: 1820 Lee Street, Lakewood, CO 80202
Tel: 303-202-1979   Email: info@cgcfund.org
A non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to moving Street Children in Ghana from the streets to schools.

Consortium for Community Centered Comprehensive Child Care Corp
Contact: Susan Fox
Address: 1740 High Street, Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-393-8650   Email: sfoxjambo@msn.com

In 1984 the Consortium for Community Centered Comprehensive Child Care (C6) was established in Denver, Colorado as an all volunteer, tax exempt, charitable organization to raise money to build a children’s hospital in Tanzania, East Africa. As a result of our efforts, the Kilimanjaro Children’s Hospital (known in Tanzania as the Selian Lutheran Hospital) was completed and serves 40 to 50 thousand patients annually.  A second hospital, seven miles away in the city of Arusha, is now underway and will be known as the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre.

Contact: Anna Manega
Address: UNA-USA, Colorado Division, 980 Grant Street, Denver, CO  80203
Tel: 303-832-4765
DAWA is a coalition of individuals, organizations and the City of Denver working to improve the health of all people, especially children in Denver and Africa.

Denver for Africa
Contact: Kirstin Osgood
Address: 3231 West 30th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211
Tel: 303-475-0678   Email: info@denverforafrica.com
Denver for Africa is committed to causing a movement that is owned by citizens; so that we give a voice to community, a bridge to global partnerships and a foundation for bold, effective leadership.

Ecumenical Refugee Services
Contact: Patricia Vorwerk
Address: 190 E 9th Avenue, Denver, CO  80203
Tel: 303-860-0128   Email: Patricia@ersden.org
Ecumenical Refugee Services (ERS) helps to resettle legal refugees and asylees, by providing them assistance with educational needs, family and social services, medical attention, employment, and cultural orientation. The main goal of ERS is to help refugees become self-sufficient and independent as quickly as possible

Education for All
Contact: Linda Nechrony
Address: 1235 St Paul St, Denver, CO 80206
Tel: 303-863-7080   Email: EducationForAll@yahoo.com
Education for All is a Colorado project helping township schools in South Africa. We work with a variety of school programs – adults as well as youth.  School library books and teaching aids are a priority.  In addition, EFA is working to set up township high school computer centers.

Eleos Project Sudan
Cherry Hills Community Church
Contact: Mark Purington
Address: 3900 E Grace Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Tel: 303-229-1044   Email: mpurington@eleosproject.org
Since 1999, Cherry Hills Community Church Discover the World teams have traveled to southern Sudan to encourage, support and deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Sudan.

HOPE Bracelet Project: Helping Organizations Promote Education
Cunningham Foundation
Contact: Betsy Wiersma
Address: 10795 E Powers Drive, Englewood, CO 80111
Tel: 720-200-0271   Email: Betsy@betsywiersma.com
Artists and craftsmen from the American bead community have come together with this big idea to support vocational education, medical care and community development for Project Mercy in Africa.  In 2004, 1000 HOPE Bracelets made by the Women’s Skills Enhancement Program in Yetebon, Ethiopia, and featuring a special commemorative bead and clasp will be sold in Denver and on-line raising $100,000.  In 2004 in Africa, participants were trained in the actual lampwork bead making thus seeding a new source of revenue.  100% of the HOPE Bracelet sales price of $100 is returning to Project Mercy.  See web site for more details and link to bracelet sales.

Kenyan Children Foundation
Contact: Joanne LeClair
Address: PO Box 261116, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-1116
Tel: 303-773-0919   Email: helpchildren@kenyanchildrenfoundation.org
The Kenyan Children Foundation (KCF) was founded in 1994.  Our mission is “…to impact people’s lives through compassionate involvement with Kenya’s street children.”  Since its inception, KCF has committed its resources (financial and volunteers) to providing basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing, medical services) and educational opportunities to homeless and destitute children in Kenya.

Address: 7685 Quartz Street, Arvada, CO  80007
Tel: 303-420-1810   Fax: 303-467-1232   Email: lalmba@aol.com
Lalmba is an African word meaning “A Place of Hope”. We are a group of committed professionals who search out the most remote parts of Africa in which to work – places where other organizations have chosen not to work. We specialize in providing medical care to people who have no place else to turn, and to orphan children who recognize us as their family now. Our work is not easy – but it certainly is rewarding.

The Mali Assistance Project
Contact: Karen Marx
Address: PO Box 20902, Boulder, CO 80308-3902
Tel: 303-415-0106 Email: info@maliassist.org or maliassistance@comcast.net
The Mali Assistance Project (MAP) was founded in 1999 to help the villagers of Foutaka Zambougou, Mali, West Africa and surrounding areas to survive immediate crises of famine, drought and disease, and to build a sustainable infrastructure for their future health and economic stability.

One World Running (formerly Shoes for Africa)
Contacts: Mike Sandrock or Ana Weir
Address: PO Box 2223, Boulder, CO 80306
Tel: 303-473-1314 or 303-828-4391
Email: anaweir@yahoo.com or sandrock@boulderrunning.com
Since 1986, a group of runners in Boulder, Colorado, has collected, washed and sent new and “near-new” athletic shoes, T-shirts and shorts, along with medicine and school and art supplies to needy athletes and children around the world. The group is a 100-percent volunteer organization.
Peace Corps Office on the CU-Boulder Campus
Address: UMC 1B72A, Campus Box 207, Boulder, CO 80309-0207
Tel: (303) 492-8454   Email: peacecor@colorado.edu
Peace Corps is an organization that sends volunteers to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South Pacific, Carribean, Central and South America. The volunteers work in a field of their choice, such as education, health care, sustainable agriculture, business/nonprofit development, info tech, engineering, forestry, HIV/AIDS awareness, and much more. The Peace Corps will pay for ALL expenses, including travel, room, board, monthly stipend, health and dental care, and also award the volunteer an additional $6000 at the end of their service.

Peace Corps (Denver)
Address: 1999 Broadway Suite 2205, Denver, CO 80202-3050
Tel: 800-424-8580   Fax: 303-844-7010
Peace Corps is an organization that sends volunteers to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South Pacific, Caribbean, Central and South America. The volunteers work in a field of their choice, such as education, health care, sustainable agriculture, business/nonprofit development, info tech, engineering, forestry, HIV/AIDS awareness, and much more. The Peace Corps will pay for ALL expenses, including travel, room, board, monthly stipend, health and dental care, and also award the volunteer an additional $6000 at the end of their service.

Peace Initiatives International-Africa (PII-A)
Contact: Karambu Ringera
Address: 2101 E Harvard Ave #108, Denver, CO 80210
Tel: 303-282-0877   Email: ringerambu@yahoo.com
Peace Initiatives International-Africa works with grassroots communities to overcome devastation of conflict and disease in Africa and further peace and justice issues on the continent.

Project C.U.R.E.
Address: 9055 East Mineral Circle Suite 110, Centennial, CO 80112
Tel: 303-792-0729   Fax: 303-792-0744   Email: projectcureinfo@projectcure.org
Since 1987, Project C.U.R.E. has delivered donated medical supplies and equipment to the most desperately ill and needy people in more than 100 countries around the world.  Project C.U.R.E. is a registered trademark of the Benevolent Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, humanitarian relief organization that collects medical surplus and donates it to developing countries.

Project Mercy
Contacts: Noel and Tammy Cunningham, Cunningham Foundation
Address: 10795 E Powers Drive, Englewood, CO 80111
Email: Tzheart@aol.com
International relief ministry serves and has served African people over the last 25 years. Originally, Project Mercy provided emergency relief and relocation assistance to Ethiopian refugees. Their work now meets the needs of refugees in seven additional countries: Guinea, Kenya, Malawi, Djibouti, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sudan, and also provides community development and self-help programs for people with desperate needs in Africa.

RhythmRide for Zimbabwe
Contact: Loren Mach
Address: PO Box 249, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025
Tel: 303-480-8878   Email: loren@zimwalk.org
RhythmRide for Zimbabwe is a 2000+ mile cycle tour along the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico to raise awareness and monetary support to help fight poverty, starvation and AIDS in Zimbabwe.   I will be sharing the beautiful Zimbabwe Shona music along the way on my journey.  100% of the money raised will be donated to the following non-profit organizations The Village Health Project, Nhimbe for Progress and Shungu DzeVana Trust.   

United Children’s Fund Inc
Address: PO Box 20341, Boulder, CO  80308
Tel: 800-615-5229   Fax: 303-469-4339   Email: United@unchildren.org
United Children’s Fund provides financial assistance and humanitarian support to people living in some of the poorest regions of Sub-Sahara Africa. Assistance is focused on those living in the remote villages and rural areas where very little international and other outside aid is available.  Since 1994, United Children’s Fund has provided food, clothing, medical equipment and services, educational opportunities, housing, village workshops regarding AIDS education and prevention, and care for those suffering with the disease.

Urgent Action Fund
Address: 1123 Spruce St, Boulder, CO  80302
Tel: 303-442-2388   Fax: 303-442-2370
Email: urgentact@urgentactionfund.org
Urgent Action Fund is committed to a vision of human rights that is fully inclusive of the experiences and perspectives of women and girls. The Fund is both a grant maker and an initiator of programs, engaging in a range of activities to equip women’s human rights activists with the resources necessary to respond to emerging conflict or crisis.

Village by Village
Address: PO Box 1669, Nederland, CO  80466
Tel: 720-564-9612   Email: villagebyvillage@earthlink.net
A non-profit organization dedicated to training Tanzanians in becoming practitioners of Life Healing, a comprehensive and natural form of healthcare we have been practicing for nearly 25 years. Training will begin in the village of Usa River.  After training, we will then help establish a teaching clinic, which will become a professional clinic run completely by the Tanzanians.

Water for People
Contact: Steve Werner, Executive Director
Address: 6666 W Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80235
Tel: 303-734-3490   Fax: 303-734-3499   Email: swerner@waterforpeople.org
Water for People is an international nonprofit development organization committed to the long-term impact on increased access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation and health.  Water for People helps the most impoverished people worldwide improve their quality of live by supporting sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene projects.  Water for People and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have formed a unique partnership called Water for Africa.  The work of Water for Africa aims to help the growing number of urban poor in the unplanned and informal settlements of African cities obtain safe drinking water.

World Extremities
Address: 3992 Riviera Grove Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Tel: 719-237-3258   Email: worldextremities@adelphia.net
Our goal is to reach out to amputee mine victims throughout the most needed places in the world including Ethiopia, Kenya and Angola.  We provide them with resources to obtain prosthetics and rehabilitation services in their locations.  We also provide food for the families of these victims.

Volunteer Opportunities

    A private, nonprofit international development organization providing high-quality technical expertise at the request of farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, and private and government agencies abroad.
  • Volunteer Africa
    A site with details on on volunteering opportunities in Africa, information on useful books and guides.
  • Council Exchanges
    International Volunteer Projects offers short term international volunteer projects in more than 30 countries. Projects include construction/renovation, archeology, social services and environmental work.
  • Cross Cultural Solutions
    Volunteer in a variety of community development projects for 3 weeks or more.
  • Earthwatch
    Earthwatch is a national volunteer organization, which organizes volunteer work for people of all nationalities in Africa and Central and South America.  Volunteers are recruited to join research expeditions to help recognized university and museum faculty staff undertake their field work. Projects undertaken in Africa generally are involved with  conservation and archaeology.
  • Global Citizens Network:
    GCN provides short-term cross-cultural volunteer expeditions to villages throughout the world. Each volunteer team has the opportunity to experience life in another culture by living with local people, eating traditional foods, and working with local people who are involved in grassroots efforts to meet their community needs.
  • Global Routes
    Teaching internships from 10-12 weeks in remote rural villages –  They offer community-service/cross-cultural exchange programs for North American high-school and college students throughout the world. Students immerse themselves in the life of a small, rural community as they live with a local family and teach in the village school, build a community meeting house or clinic or participate in other service projects.
  • Global Service Corps
    Service learning, cultural immersion in developing countries. Live with a village family while assisting grassroots organizations on community service and development projects
  • Global Volunteers
    Each year Global Volunteers coordinates more than 150 teams of short-term volunteers who contribute to human and economic development projects across the globe.
    Based in Denmark, Humana is an international Non-Governmental Organization currently running over 150 projects in Africa, Asia and Central America involving more than 500,000 people. So far, more than 4000 Development Instructors (our word for volunteers) have participated in starting up and running these projects.
  • Nursing Abroad
    Includes a Directory of organizations which have opportunities for nurses overseas. These are mainly voluntary organizations and include those working in Africa. They are also developing the vacancies section to include information on nursing jobs overseas.
  • Operation Crossroads Africa
    The Crossraods summer consists of three orientation days in New York City, six work weeks on a rural project as part of a work camp of 8-10 volunteers, and one travel week in the host country. The types of projects are agriculture, education, construction, community health and women’s development.
  • Peace Corps
    Peace Corps volunteers travel overseas and make real differences in the lives of real people. Peace Corps has many international volunteer positions to fill, and an urgent need for volunteers with a background in business, education, the environment, agriculture, and French language.
  • Project Hope – The People to People Health Foundation
    A private voluntary international agency, Project HOPE offers multi-disciplinary assistance in health care education at home and abroad. Through partnership established through HOPE, health personnel in other countries are taught techniques in specialty areas such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health fields, etc.
  • SCI International Voluntary Service
    SCI-IVS is the US branch of Service Civil International, an international movement that works for peace and justice through voluntary service. SCI’s main activity is coordinating both short- and long-term international service projectsCoordinate many work camps with minimal or no cost to participants.
  • Teaching and Projects Abroad
    Great volunteering experiences – worthwhile, active and enjoyable – with first-class experience back-up all over the world. Opportunities in South Africa
  • United Children’s Fund, Inc.
    UCF provides opportunities to serve in Uganda East Africa, providing financial, humanitarian, and volunteer services to the rural villages of Uganda.
  • United Nations Volunteer Programme
    Since 1970, the United Nations has been operating a volunteer scheme which recruits personnel to work on a large number of UN related development projects in the Third World.
  • Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA Inc.)
    1815 North Lynn Street, Suite 200, Arlington, Virginia 22209, USA. This is an association of some 600 educators, scientists, engineers and businessmen who have volunteered their time and expertise to aid the problems of small businesses and rural development projects in developing countries.
  • Volunteer Africa
    A site with details on on volunteering opportunities in Africa, information on useful books and guides.
  • Volunteer in Africa
  • Visions in Action
    An international nonprofit organization offering 6 and 12 month volunteer positions in five African countries and Mexico. Positions are available with nonprofit development organizations, research institutes, health clinics, community groups, and news organizations. There are also internship opportunities available on a continuous basis in Visions in Action’s US Office in Washington, DC.
  • Volunteers for Peace
    Services include providing consultation and a placement service for workcamp hosts and volunteers, linking people with programs. Programs seek to foster international education, voluntary service and friendship. In the last 17 years they have have placed over 10,000 volunteers in international workcamps world-wide.
  • WorldTeach
    A nonprofit, non governmental organization which provides opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as  volunteer teacher in developing countries.
  • Worldwide Volunteers and Services
    A personalized placement service that locates challenging volunteer positions to meet individuals special interests and skills. Opportunities are global, of long or short duration. Placements usually provide free room and board.